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FC-Series Spectroline


NDT inspectors find that Fc- series UV- A lamps

make prolonged inspection seem shorter

because they provide cool opretation and increased comford



  • Quiet, built-in fan dramatically reduces running temperature, provides more comfort and safety for users, and ensures long bulb life.
  • Ergonomically designed with the handle and cord at the balance point of the lamp head. As a result, the lamp can be held for longperiods with little user fatigue.
  • Special remote lamp switch in the pistol grip prevents accidental shutoff, while separate fan control switch allows for safe cool-down.
  • Lamp head is housed in a super-strong engineering polymer that is dent-proof and impact-resistant. Weighs just 3 5/8 lbs (1.6 kg).
  • Easily meets ASTM UV-A intensity specifications for FPI and MPI
  • Bulb features average rated life of 5,000 hours

The FC-100 comes with a 100-watt bulb, available in concentrated spot (FC-100) and diffused filter (FC-100D) versions. Spot configuration has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 4,800 μW/cm2 at15 inches (38 cm). Diffused configuration has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 2,200 μW/cm2 at 15 inches (38 cm). Both lamps come with 8 foot (2.4 m) primary and secondary cords. Lamp head weighs just 35/8 lbs (1.6 kg).


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